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To register a My Card Statement Account, visit one of the official locations or contact us at (219) 926-2136. The MyCardStatement Login portal online service is free and works with all ICBA, Sunflower Bank, and First National Bank credit cards.

ICBA represents America’s independent community bankers who create and maintain an environment in which community banks thrive. Register the MyCardStatement Visa card at MyCardStatement.com and take advantage of these exceptional features:

  • Pay the bills
  • Check your FICO Score
  • View bank statements, transactions, and expense reports
  • Log in to electronic statements
  • Set up account alerts
  • Litigation transactions
  • Download data into financial software

My Card Statement is a practical solution to the busy schedule of this period and offers several conveniences:
Receive an automatic copy of the cardholder’s bank statement without going to a bank.

  • Identify new banking services, updates, and products.
  • Most updated knowledge of rewards and rebate offers.
  • Shop online with the MyCardStatement Login portal and get cash rewards for future discounts.
  • Full access to periodic and annual credit card statements.
  • Complete, safe, and a completely reliable portal.
  • Credit cardholders are acquainted with the general particulars of the transaction, except for a review of the deductions made.
  • The voucher permitted on the credit card is automatically presented on MyCardStatement.com.

MyCardStatement Login Portal Clarifications

To connect, the user must meet the subsequent MyCardStatement Login Portal clarifications:

Internet – If users have an active Internet connection, they can undoubtedly connect to their respective My Card Statement Account.

Any Compatible Electronic Device – As stated above, the My Card Statement website can be readily utilized on any compatible device like a computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Account – Users must have opened a “My Card Statement” account with a statement. If users haven’t formulated an account yet, they can create one.

Personal Device – It is suggested that users use a personal device to guard financial data.